Export Control for Research Organisations


EECARO (the European Export Control Association for Research Organisations) has the purpose to help all European research organisations and universities to be compliant with export control regulations. As individuals we cannot have the answers to all issues but as a group we can resolve most of them.
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EECARO - Mission


EECARO unites European research organisations and universities in addressing the complexities in export control compliance in todayu2019s rapidly evolving regulatory and geopolitical environment, in a context where academic freedom and access to open data for science become increasingly important. Addressing this challenge, as well as the export control exemptions for sharing technology provided by the EU dual-use regulation, will be among the projects of this Association.


EECARO will be the go-to platform for raising awareness on export control issues in the European research community, for enhancing compliance in research organisations and universities by exchanging information and collaboration between its members. EECARO will also play an important role in advocating to the competent authorities for regulations and policies that take into account the unique character of research institutes and universities.
EECARO - Vision


EECARO aims to be open for membership soon. You can fill in the form to stay in touch as to when and how to become a member.

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